Houston Radar’s SS400 Doppler sign activation/speed sensor/Doppler Radar is a state of the art milli-power Digital Signal Processing (DSP) based K-band radar for the sign activation and traffic calming markets. It is the premier product in its class available in the world.

Product Inquiry
  • Small, low power usage OEM K-Band Doppler radar at 054 Watts, 11X lower than our DR500S radar and up to 40X lower than some other industry offerings
  • 300+ feet (90+m) typical pickup range for a compact vehicle
  • FCC, Industry Canada (IC) pre-approved with CE mark
  • Fully configurable via RS232 serial port for all settings
  • Simple rotary switch or thumbwheel input possible to set threshold
  • Wide input operating range allows solar operation
  • Advanced ground speed tracking to mount on moving vehicle
  • Ultra-small open frame and weatherproof enclosure options
  • Firmware “boot loader” allows for field upgrading of firmware
  • Two LED Lamp outputs to drive 1.8W LED lamps with dimming
  • One photo sensor input to sense ambient light to dim LED lamps
  • 100% self-test feature built-in including self power usage
  • IO expansion board w/ DB9 connector, rotary s/w and isolated high power output available

Note: Pickup range will vary with target, installation and road conditions. Range listed is typical on open road with radar mounted 5 feet above ground.

Specification Recommended Condition
Vcc 6.0V to 18VDC
Icc@12VDC 4.5 mA (0.054 Watts)
Radar RF out 5 mW maximum
Radar fcenter 24.125GHz or 24.200 GHz
Operating °F (°C) -40 (-40) min to 185 (85) max
Pickup Distance 300+ feet (90+ m) in most cases
Beam Angle 38°x45°
Beam Polarization Linear
Lamp 1 & 2 out 135 mA max each up to 60VDC
Lamp dimming 180 Hz PWM from 5 to 100 %
LDR light input 0 to 3.3V input
CE Mark Yes
Dimensions Open frame 1.75Wx1.7Hx0.5D”
(44x42x12 mm)
Boxed 1.9Wx2.1Hx0.9D”
Weight 0.05Kg (0.1 lbs) approx
Pin # Function
1 (Triangle Mark) GND
2 Do not connect
3 Reserved. Do not connect
4 Reserved. Do not connect
5 Reserved. Do not connect
6 Reserved. Do not connect
7 Trigger “open drain” output #1
8 Trigger “open drain” output #2
9 RS232 Transmit from radar
10 RS232 Receive into radar
11 VCC
12 GND

Part No. Description Notes
SS300 IO Board SS300 IO Board – SS300 Radar Input/Output Connector Interface board w/ DB9 connector, speed threshold s/w and sensitivity setting
Stat/Alc PD300 IO Board – PD300/SS300 Radar Input/Output Connector Interface board w/ DB9 connector. No Mosfet or rotary switch.
900-0017 SS300 Open Frame Interface Cable – SS300 open frame interface cable with female Molex connector to female DB9
900-0021 SS300 Weatherproof Interface Cable – SS300 weatherproof interface cable with male Molex connector to DB9
JBX Junction Box
USB-RS-P1 USB power supply and PC COM port serial interface
N/A Additional Cable