“Slow Down” OEM Radar Activated Sign Kit

///“Slow Down” OEM Radar Activated Sign Kit
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“SLOW DOWN” radar activated kit is an ultra low power speed measurement and message display building block. Our state of the art SS300 Doppler radar integrated with ultra high brightness LED’s written as “SLOW DOWN” message makes it ideal for use in small, thin and light radar activated message sign for school zones, residential roads, home owners associations, business parks, private roads, large parking lots and other similar installations. With an addition of a power source and enclosure, this kit can be quickly brought to market as a complete product.

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Features and Benefits

  • Zero cables highly integrated design assembles in minutes
  • 9.5″ total message height is matched to 300 ft (90m) detection range of the radar for optimal display legibility even in bright sunlight
  • Best in class power efficiency achieved by:
    • Low power SS300 radar drives display eliminating extra CPU
    • In-built ambient light sensing and automatic brightness control
  • With no traffic present, radar automatically powers down the display further reducing power consumption to only 0.1W
  • Wide input supply voltage operation allows flexible power supply options ranging from 3, 4 or 5 cell Lithium Ion packs or 12V Lead Acid batteries without sacrificing sign efficiency
  • A built-in rotary switch allows the user to set cutoff and violator speed alerts in the field without connecting to a computer
  • Also available without a build in radar at a very economical price.. Trigger message off our PNL10 speed feedback display.
  • Radar is FCC approved with CE mark and available in 24.125GHz and 24.200GHz versions for worldwide deployment
  • Best in class “Advanced In-Radar” traffic statistics option available
  • The complete reference design, evaluation and demo system with state of the art LiFePO4 batteries available to test 2″ deep sign

Can I change the speed above which the message illuminates?


Absolutely. The “SLOW DOWN” kit incorporates our advanced digital SS300 directional Doppler radar. You may select the minimum speed above which the message will illuminate. Additionally, you may also select a “speed limit” threshold above which the message will blink. These limits can be changed via a PC, on-board rotary switch (on the back) or via the radar serial port from your attached controller if you chose to use one.

Can I use the message kit with a traditional lead acid battery or power it from AC mains?


Absolutely. The “SLOW DOWN” kit is designed to operate from any DC source ~7.5VDC to 18VDC including traditional 12VDC nominal lead-acid batteries. To operate from AC mains, you need to provide and inexpensive 5 Watts or greater AC to DC converter. Many such converters are available in the market.

Sign that also shows the vehicle speed and blinks “SLOW DOWN”


You can have a sign that also shows the vehicle speed and blinks “SLOW DOWN” if vehicles are speeding. Our PNL10 speed display kit measures and shows the vehicle speed. Additionally, you can trigger this “SLOW DOWN” message sign directly from it. In this configuration, the SLOW DOWN board is a very inexpensive option as it does not use a separate radar and is a simple string of LED’s.

Does the radar kit collect traffic statistics about traffic on the road?


The In-Radar Advanced Traffic Statistics collection is available as a normal cost option in the radar kit.

What color LED’s are available for the board?


We offer standard “MUTCD” Amber color LED’s.

In addition to your kit, what else do I need to provide to complete a radar activated message product


To complete a working sign you need to provide just a suitable enclosure and power source (AC to DC converter for AC powered signs or battery and charger for battery-powered signs)In fact, we will even suggest to you a suitable AC to DC converter (available for about $10) as well an advanced LiFePO4 battery, AC charger or maximum power point technology (MPPT) ultra-low standby power solar charger to use with your final product. To derive the maximum benefit from our ultra-low power usage radar message kit, it is important for it to be matched up with similarly advanced components to complete the sign.


VCC 7.5VDC to 15VDC (18V max)
(Radar always on)
Display blank: 9.5 mA
Display at night: 71 mA
Display max bright: 510 mA
Radar RF out 5 mW maximum
Radar fcenter 24.125GHz or 24.200 GHz
Operating °F (°C) -40 (-40) min to 185 (85) max
Pickup Distance 300+ feet (90+ m) in most cases
Beam Angle 38°x45°
Beam Polarization Linear
FCC ID (Radar) TIASS300
CE Mark (Radar) Yes
Brd Dimensions 11”x16”x1.1” (28 x 41 x 2.8 cm)
Message size 15”x10” (38 x 25 cm)
Weight 1 lbs (450g) approximately
10,000 nits (cdm) maximum
500 nits (cdm) at night


Part No. Description Notes
120-0010 Tuning Fork – 3310Hz 46MPH Radar frequency check tuning fork.