PNL10 OEM Radar Speed Sign Kit

///PNL10 OEM Radar Speed Sign Kit
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PNL10 kit is an ultra-low power speed measurement and display building block. Our state of the art SS300 Doppler radar integrated with a two-digit 7-segment display makes it ideal for use in small, thin and light radar signs for school zones, residential roads, homeowners associations, business parks, private roads, large parking lots and other similar installations. With an addition of a power source and enclosure, this kit can be quickly brought to market as a complete product.

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Advanced In-Radar Statistics features

  • Tracking and storage inside the radar for up to 60+ days of traffic
  • Excellent collection accuracy for 1 and 2 lane incoming traffic
  • User selectable 1 minute to 60 minute binning and storage intervals
  • Live histogram feature to monitor “live” traffic from the radar for remote monitoring applications
  • Stats collection possible from either radar COM port

Windows Statistics Analyzer Software features

  • MS Windows 2000/XP/Vista based professional quality software
  • Connect to radar and retrieve data or read from file
  • Store and organize data in individual projects
  • Generate weekly views of hourly counts and average speeds
  • Generate average monthly views by weekday hour of counts and speeds
  • Generate detailed hourly counts, average speed, max speed and 85th percentile reports
  • Generate interactive raw data scatter graphs of speed vs. time, counts vs. time
  • Join and trim data sets to manage data effectively
  • See the traffic statistics analyzer in action in this flash demo

Dimensions11”x16”x1.1” (28 x 41 x 2.8 cm)

VCC 5.5VDC to 15VDC (18V max)
Icc@12VDC (Radar always on) Display blank: 9.5 mA Display at night: 21 mA Display max bright: 415 mA
Radar RF out 5 mW maximum
Radar fcenter 24.125GHz or 24.200 GHz
Operating °F (°C) -40 (-40) min to 185 (85) max
Pickup Distance 300+ feet (90+ m) in most cases
Beam Angle 38°x45°
Beam Polarization Linear
FCC ID (Radar) TIASS300
CE Mark (Radar) Yes
Weight 1 lb (450g) approximately
Display Brightness 11,000 nits (cdm) maximum 550 nits (cdm) at night
Now Available: PNL10 Test and Evaluation Kit

Can I use the PNL10 with a traditional lead acid battery or power it from AC mains?


Absolutely. The PNL10 is designed to operate from any DC source from 5.5VDC to 18VDC including traditional 12VDC nominal lead-acid batteries. To operate from AC mains, you need to provide an inexpensive 5 Watts or greater AC to DC converter. Many such converters are available in the market.

I would like to make a sign that blinks “SLOW DOWN” if vehicles are speeding. Can I do that with the PNL10?


The PNL10 can turn-on (and optionally blink) an external LED string (arranged to read a message of your choice) above a user-set speed. This requires a simple LED only board connected to the expansion connector on the back of the PNL10. We invite you to review appendix “B” in the User Manual for details and a suggested schematic.

Does the PNL10 collect traffic statistics?


The In-Radar Advanced Traffic Statistics collection option is available.

Do you have a 3 digit display offering for KPH roads?


The design of the PNL10 allows it to be easily expanded to a 3rd (100’s place) digit by adding an LED only “1” digit board. All the drivers for this third digit are already present on the PNL10. Please contact us for more information.

What color LED’s are available for the digits in the PNL10?


We offer standard “MUTCD” Amber color LED’s or as an option for private locations, a very unique and eye-catching ultra white LED.

In addition to the PNL10, what else do I need to provide to complete a speed display product?


To complete a working sign you need to provide just a suitable enclosure and power source (AC to DC converter for AC powered signs or battery and charger for battery-powered signs.In fact, we will even suggest to you a suitable AC to DC converter (available for about $10) as well an advanced LiFePO4 battery, AC charger or maximum power point technology (MPPT) ultra-low standby power solar charger to use with your final product. To derive the maximum benefit from our ultra-low power usage PNL10, it is important for it to be matched up with similarly advanced components to complete the sign.

Part No. Description Notes
120-0010 Tuning Fork – 3310Hz 46MPH Radar frequency check tuning fork.