PD300/PD310 is a state of the art FMCW milli-power radar designed for presence indication, volume and occupancy measurements on the roads with up to 6 lanes of detection. It is the premier product in its class available in the world. Typical applications include ground loop replacement, multi-lane traffic counters, mid-block detectors, stopped traffic detectors/incident detectors, vehicle actuated signals and intrusion

  • World’s smallest and lowest power usage ranging FMCW radar. At 0.18 Watts, it requires 10X to 20X less power than competing products.
  • Simultaneously tracks up to six targets within a range of 120ft (37m).
  • Available with 38×45° (PD300) or 20×60° (PD310) beam options.
  • Up to 6 user-configurable lanes allows for maximum detection flexibility
  • Unmatched range resolution down to 0.25 inch (0.63cm) (see manual).
  • Highway & intersection optimized modes allow variety of applications.
  • Six trigger outputs can be mapped to any combination of lanes.
  • Companion Windows application provides intuitive GUI to set all.
  • configuration parameters and display real time plots of the targets.
  • Wide input voltage range and low power simplifies solar operation.
  • Firmware “boot loader” allows for field upgrading of the firmware.
  • 100% built-in self-test for high confidence.
  • IO break-out board available for quick evaluation.
  • Built-in statistics storage memory for stand-alone data gathering.
  • Full industrial temperature range. Potted for high reliability.
  • FCC pre-approved with CE mark.

VCC 5.5 to 18VDC (21V max)
ICC@12VDC 15 mA (0.18 Watts) Avg.
Radar RF out 5 mW maximum
Occupied Band 24.020 to 24.230 GHz
24.050 to 24.250 -RU
(suffix for Russian federation)
Modulation Type Frequency with linear ramp
Operating °F (°C) -4 (-40) min to 185 (85) max
Max Pickup Distance 128 feet (39m) in Highway mode
80 feet (24m) in Intersection mode
Beam Angle 38°x45°(PD300) or
Beam Polarization Linear
Trigger Outputs 6x 135 mA max each up to 28VDC
Sample Update Rate 160 times/sec
CE Mark Yes
Dimensions Open frame
Weight 3 lbs (1.4Kgs) with battery
Optional breakout board
Optional junction box
Molex Pin #
(Marked with Triangle)
1. GND
2. Do not connect.
3. Trigger “open drain” output #6
4. Trigger “open drain” output #5
5. Trigger “open drain” output #4
6. Trigger “open drain” output #3
7. Trigger “open drain” output #1
8. Trigger “open drain” output #2
9. RS232 Transmit from radar
10. RS232 Receive from radar
11. VCC
12. GND