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Easily the most convenient traffic data gathering device on the market

“Having used other traffic study devices, I believe that the Armadillo Tracker is far superior in quality and accuracy. The software is versatile and I found it easy to use. Last, but definitely not least, is the safety factor; it is really nice not having to enter the roadway or have any traffic control to install the unit”. -David Towne, Infrastructure Manager, Tehama County Public Works.

“The Armadillo Tracker is a great tool for traffic counting. Setup, data retrieval and processing are very easy. The Armadillo Tracker will greatly improve our traffic counting program. – Jeffrey Gollner, GIS Systems Planner, Eastgate Regional Council of Governments”

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Armadillo® Tracker Traffic Collector is a fully integrated multi-lane bidirectional traffic data gathering device. Featuring small size, no hassle field setup, non-intrusive sensing technology, and long range wireless connectivity Armadillo Tracker ensures operational safety during installation and data retrieval.

Proven Radar Technology

Built on rock solid foundation of our DC310 microwave sensor, Houston Radar’s Armadillo® Tracker provides a turn key solution to your traffic monitoring needs. We packed a world class feature set in a small, portable and easy to deploy form factor.

Power Maximizer
  • 2+ Weeks Run Time On Batteries

Ultra low power consumption of our proprietary radar and Lithium Iron Phosphate rechargeable batteries allow over 2 weeks of run time. Optional MPPT solar charger efficiently charges the battery from a small 5 watt solar panel even in overcast conditions to keep it going year around.


Aggregate Multilane Bidirectional Counting

Collect data in both directions in up to four lanes with single Armadillo Tracker device.


One incoming and one outgoing lane with Armadillo Tracker mounted on the side.

Extended Bidirectional

Two incoming lanes with Armadillo Tracker mounted on the side.


Two incoming and two outgoing lanes with Armadillo Tracker mounted in a median.


Optional GPS

With Geo-tagging option, users can move Armadillo® Tracker from location to location before downloading all data sets and be confident that every data set will be properly associated with its location.


Small Package, High Performance

At 3lbs (1.4 Kg), this lightweight system is easy to transport and can be deployed in minutes.

Type True dual beam side-fire FMCW traffic measurement radar
VCC Standard: 7 to 15VDC
Optional: Isolated 9 to32VDC
Icc@12VDC Ethernet Off: 71mA (0.85 W)
Ethernet On: 97mA (1.2W)
With GSM Modem Option:
On Line: 97 mA (1.2W)
Upload New Data: 108mA (1.3W)
Reverse Power Protected w/ resettable fuse
RF Power 5 mW maximum each radar
Occupied Band 24.020 GHz to 24.230 GHz
Modulation Type Frequency with linear ramp
Beam Angle 20°x60°
Beam Polarization Linear
Speed Accuracy Average per lane: +/- 1%
Average per direction: +/- 1%
Per Vehicle: +/- 6% for 90% of vehicles
Volume Accuracy Per Direction Typical: 98 to 99%
Per Direction Minimum: 95%
Per Lane Typical: 98 to 99%
Per Lane Minimum: 90%
Length Class Accuracy +/-5.7ft (1.7m) or 15% whichever larger for 90% vehicles
User Defined Lanes 8 max
User Defined
Length Class
8 max
Trigger outputs Optional 8 Isolated electronic switch
Range 160 feet (49m) max
145 feet (44m) recommended
Minimum Setback 7 feet (2m)
Sample rate 500 Hz x 2 Radars
Certification FCC, CE
Ethernet Optional: 10 BaseT Half/Full Duplex auto polarity detect
Power Over Ethernet Yes, optional
802.3af. Mode A/ Type 1 (power over data pairs)
Rechargeable Battery Optional built-in 96WHr LiFePO4
Solar Kit MPPT charger, 30W solar panel
Storage Capacity Speed, lane and class for 1,000,000 vehicles. Per lane average speed, 85th percentile speed, occupancy, gap, headway for 3+ months
Sighting Camera 1.3MP HD video (Ethernet only) or HD snapshots. 60° field of view 1280×960, 800×600, 640×480, 320×240 (800×600 10fps video)
Bluetooth Ultra low power 800+ feet Class I 2.1+ EDR 460KB baud rate
Remote Access Optional built-in ultra-low power penta band 3G GSM modem
GPS Optional Built-in
Operating °F (°C) Without battery:
-40F (-40C) to +185F (+85C)
With LiFePO4 battery:
-4F (-20C) to +140F (+60C)
Dimensions without mounting bracket 26”length x 3”diameter (670mm x 76mm Diameter)
Weight Without battery: 4.6lb (2.1 Kg)
With battery: 6.4lb (2.9 Kg)
Part No. Description Notes
Armadillo Carrying Case Weatherproof rugged carrying case for the Armadillo and accessories.
9.6V LiFePO4 AC charger & 900-0030 Armadillo Complete Charger